How to Write Twitter Headlines People Will Click

I’ve often mentioned how twitter is a great way to introduce people to your long-form blog content. Bloggers know that tweeting is a good way to drive some attention to your posts, but with the twitter stream flowing by quickly, you need to grab people’s attention before its….

What was I talking about?

On Jeff Buellas’ blog, he lists a few quick ways to write headlines people will click on/click through

One way to start is to use a formula so here are 6 headline types and examples  from Authority Blogger to get you started:

1. Get What You Want (In Health, Wealth, Relationships, Time and Lifestyle)

Example: “The Secret To Getting More Money For Your Property!”

2. Crystal Ball and History

Example: “10 Predictions on the Future of Social Media”

3. Problems and Fears

Example “Get Rid of Your Debt Once and For All”

4. Fact, Fiction, Truth and Lies

Example: “Little Known Ways To Make Money On The Stock Exchange”

5. How To, Tricks Of The Trade

Example: “How To Plan The Ultimate Holiday”

6. Best and Worst

Example: “The 10 Worst Mistakes Made by Bloggers

These, he says, are from Authority Blogger’s 102 Proven Headline Formulas. Go ahead, click on it. Be aware its a PDF though.


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