What's the One Thing Employers Want in Candidates?

I participated in HireFriday today and one of the questions wanted to know what employers want to learn from potential new-hires.

Lots of discussion ensued, but I stick with my belief that it’s NOT ultimately about the job-description, your years of work experience, your professional resume, your look-in-the-eye-firm-handshake-30-second-elevator-pitch. All of those are keys, but will not ultimately unlock the door unless you get across




"I Make Problems Wither In My Presence"

The most-important thing a hiring manager wants is someone who solves problems… someone who makes trouble disappear in their presence.  Someone who just gets ..it done.

I’ve written about this before:

[Be] problem solver, and the kind of person that makes other people inch-forward on their chair because you’re a "get it done" person, and they can sense they need to "put up or shut up".
(From "Help Your Recruiter Help You")


…Job-openings are, really, the result of some hidden problem behind the company’s shiny lobby doors. Maybe there’s too much work, or someone just quit, or they need to let someone go, or they’re trying to bring more of their work in-house, etc.

Whatever the reason, at the end of the day, if the current [team] could handle the job, they wouldn’t hire. Plain-and-simple. Companies only hire when there is a problem that can’t be solved internally. (From "What Employers Want")

Want to excel at being a problem solver? Check out the homework here.


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