Chickens don’t praise their own soup.—Unknown

In my life, I have been fortunate enough to come to know very incredible people. Some of them have been nice enough to think nicely about me as well. They’ve taken the time to publicly share some nice things they feel about me.

I have shared those thoughts below, and in the sidebar of this website. You can refresh your browser to see a new (randomly-chosen) quote. I appreciate each of them for who they are to me.

I hired Robert to ramp up a new Technical office in Utah. The key strengths he brought to SOS Technical included his technical savvy, communication skills, and customer service mind-set.

Robert truly cares about the candidates he places and the clients he serves. Over the past few years, it has been my pleasure to watch Robert’s consistent dedication to the success of his branch, promotion of technology in Utah, and unselfish mentoring of his associates.

Robert continues to be our technical subject matter expert and his creativity has resulted in new approaches to our business of recruiting and placement services. We are a better company because of Robert and the new branch has gone on to be a resounding success. August 31, 2007
Rick Kosti, Technical Division Manager, SOS Technical (Managed Robert directly)

Rob is a very tenacious individual who really loves what he does. He has the ability to comprehend complex projects and make them appear simple. His intelligence and hardworking, positive attitude make him someone that executives and co workers alike seek out and trust. He has a bright future as his passion is obvious by all who come in contact with him. I highly recommend Rob at whatever challenges he decides to take on. He is a real winner! November 27, 2007
Kathy Dawson, Regional Vice President, SOS Staffing

Robert has a pulse on the market that is incredible. He devotes his energy to truly understanding jobseekers and hiring managers on all levels. As a result, Robert has a unique edge over his competition. He is an excellent communicator, and exudes confidence in all he does. I have turned to him on several occasions for advice and guidance; I plan on continuing to do so. March 21, 2008
Kiley Newbold, Branch Manager, SOS Staffing Services

Robert is one of the kindest, brightest, coolest business people that I know. He has the ability to speak the language of many audiences in an inspiring and powerful fashion. In addition, it is a joy to work with Robert. April 14, 2008
Jeff Rust, President, Corporate Alliance

Robert is an extremely gifted and intelligent individual who’s professional acumen and business savvy far exceed his years. Rob is a polished communicator and public speaker. Unlike many who possess strong technical abilities – Rob enjoys a strong balance of interpersonal AND technical abilities. It’s always a pleasure to work with him. October 29, 2007
Tom Spradlin, Branch Manager, Devon & Devon Career Professionals

Robert has performed exceptionally well in providing qualified, talent individuals to fill our temporary staffing needs. He is quick to respond to his customers’ needs. November 28, 2006
Steve Mastin, Purchasing Manager, Novell Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Robert was able to help us find A+ talent when other agencies came up with nothing. He is great to work with and really showed us that he cares about our company. He is the best!! April 21, 2006
Lance Whitaker, Co-Owner, Fusion Group Consulting, was Robert’s client

Robert is one of the most dedicated and seasoned professionals I know in his industry. He commands excellence, but does so with a great amount of patience and respect. He has and ability to mentor and manage many types of personalities. He is highly respected as a professional by his employees, peers and competition. He would be an asset to any company and would excel in many different areas. January 2, 2008
Catherine Howard, Omniture Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

I began working on a project where speed to market was key. I contacted Robert to help me find programmers and withing hours he had interviews lined up for me. Robert’s industry knowledge and reach allowed me to hire the personnel I needed at a price I could afford. I feel like Robert is part of my team and will bend over backwards so that my company is successful. April 24, 2006
Jake Fackrell, Owner, FSBO Leader

I want to endorse Rob for his professionalism and courtesy. Five minutes after an interview with Rob at SOS he had assessed my needs perfectly and matched me up with a company that is absolutely ideal for me. I love Provo Labs, where I now work, and Rob had the aptitude and sixth sense of my needs and the needs of the company. April 27, 2006
Amy Rhoads, Research Manager, Content Acquisition, Provo Labs LLC

Robert is very professional and knowledgeable yet warm, down-to-earth and very easy to talk with. He is an inspirational speaker. March 31, 2008
Tresa Stitley, Personal Weight Loss & Wellness Coach, Herbalife

Robert is the ideal go-to-guy. When something needed to be done, I knew I could count on Robert to follow through. His cheerful demeanor and responsible nature made him a pleasure to work with. July 16, 2007
Briana Morgan, Public Relations Director/Executive Admin, Funding Universe

Robert was innovative in solving technical problems while also grasping the bigger picture–very capable of placing problems and solutions in context. Great attitude. December 13, 2005
Dave Waddell, Career Advisor, managed Robert at Brigham Young University

Robert was approached by my company to recruit technical support agents of a high caliber. He consistently supplied well qualified candidates to our offices and was great in following up on their status. Robert is easy to communicate with and has an extensive knowledge and understanding of hiring needs in a fast paced technical world. Robert continually exceeded our expectations in recruiting candidates not only of proper technical experience but was also above expectations in providing timely assistance under tight deadlines. March 12, 2008
Pamela Hall, Account Manager, Sento Corporation Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Rob is a unique recruiter in that he pursues and values relationships like no one else that I’ve seen. Rob can frequently be found at networking functions developing relationships with various people – always quick to offer help in a variety of ways. I’ve found Rob’s technical experience to be key in his online communication (blogs) as well as leading edge web 2.0 things. He is curious about how things work and how to optimize his efforts, and has been very helpful to me and others in my network by sharing what he has learned. Rob is always professional, positive, and building people. He is the kind of person you want to have on your team. December 16, 2006
Jason Alba, CEO, JibberJobber, LLC

Rob has been very responsive to our staffing needs. He’s been able to find people for us that were both technically competent and also good to work with from a people standpoint. April 24, 2006
Rich Blight, Lexis Nexis

Robert is a very well educated individual and does his best to bring the upmost satisfaction to clients as well as colleagues. He surpasses his job title, to ensure the best quality in all he does. March 4, 2008
Krysta Grizzard, Administrative Assistant, Hire-Calling Staffing Solutions


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