Lately, there’s been a lot of focus on the Sabbath Day and what it means to me. Something Elder Ballard said is Regional Conference today struck me and got me thinking about what I am or am not doing to take advantage of the gift God gave me each week, of a Sunday, a day to rest from my labors (and focus a bit more on his).

I think we are woefully underutilizing the power available to us in the Sabbath day and in the living ordinance of the Sacrament.
 – Elder M. Russell Ballard, Apostle, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The song “The Day Dawn is Breaking” has been on my mind a lot. This morning, in fact, I just couldn’t get the opening lines out of my head:

“Beautiful day; 
of peace and rest.
Bright be thy dawn;
from East to West…”

I love the Sabbath Day. I know that it is a wonderful blessing in my life to change gears and slow down a bit. Though Elder Ballard’s words make me wonder what I am missing out on. I woner what a little change of focus might do.


Provo Center Street Onramp is Dangerous! (Deathtrap?) #Provo

Mayor Curtis: I double-dog dare you to post this or discuss this on your blog… perhaps with your Provo on Instagram postings? How can you help us get attention to this dangerous intersection!??

Another Accident at the Provo, Utah Center Street I-15 Interchange
This accident on Northbound Center Street in Provo just before the I-15 onramp clearly ruined several people’s Fourth of July celebrations, occurring about 10am Saturday, July 5th.

The fact is that the I-15 Provo Center Street Interchange is dangerous.  It’s a deathtrap! If there haven’t been deaths there, it’s just a matter of time.  There seems to be an accident there ONCE A MONTH OR MORE. (Who has statistics on dangerous intersections in the state??) I know the i-15 core project touts the beauty and functionality of this intersection and, one who uses it daily, I admit it’s better that what we had, but there are three remaining facts that MUST be addressed:

  • Drivers exiting I-15 (Southbound) or entering I-15 from Provo Center Street (Northbound) drive WAY TOO FAST.
  • Taking the U-turn from Northbound Center to Southbound I-15 is still dangerous because there is no merging lane.
  • Traffic from all directions is still inhibited by confused or stressed drivers who are trying to navigate a complicated and non-standard set of interchanges.

I recommend at least the following if not additional changes to be added to this interchange immediately:Radar Speed Sign

  • Rumble strips as you exit I-15 Southbound and perhaps Northbound reminding drivers they are no longer/not yet on the interstate.  I am confident drivers cruise through the green light at the bottom of the offramp headed to Central Provo at easily 80 miles per hour.
  • Flashing “YOUR SPEED” radar signs reminding drivers of their speed versus the speed limit (which is NOT clearly posted).
  • Better signage including blinking “STOP AHEAD” signs when the lights will be red so cars can slow down way before coming to the intersection. Perhaps even “Dangerous Intersection Ahead” signs to clue people in to taking the extra 3 seconds to make smart driving decisions.

It’s clear that drivers do not respect the complexity of this intersection.  I-15, UDOT and even Provo need to do more to make drivers aware of the dangers of this particular intersection, which just gets busier and busier. A few radical ideas?

  1. A digital count of accidents and even deaths which have occurred at this intersection this year.
  2. Changeable digital signage over the roadway with messages such as “dangerous intersection ahead” and “exercise caution and obey all signage”
  3. What else?

READER: Do you find the Provo Center Street I-15 interchange dangerous? What are your thoughts?? Provo Mayor Curtis, how can you help us get UDOT’s attention to this dangerous intersection??