A Letter to My Daughters


Father’s day this year got me thinking a lot about you, and I realized I have something I need to tell you:

I know the first words out of my mouth lots of the time are “no” or “that won’t work” or “that makes life inconvenient because…” or “you could have done this better if…”

I’m sorry about that.

I’m trying to be better about listening more and letting you guys figure things out on your own so it feels like something you learned 🙋🏽 rather than something forced upon you or that you were nagged about. 👮🏻

But I realize that the reason I say what I say is because I know you guys are trying to do all good things and in my heart I just want you to have that little nudge that could make the GOOD things you already do into GREAT things.

Except they don’t come out like that all the time.

And sometimes, the things I say sometimes probably sound like I didn’t realize that you  just built an entire suspension bridge across a huge, cavernous, massively frightening area in your life and I’m over here nitpicking how you’re wearing your hard hat.

Sorry about that, girls.

I love you so much and I am so impressed with how you’re doing your life. The challenges and various crazy things you’re faced with are huge.

And, you’re CRUSHING it.

I am so proud of you every. single. day. Ask anyone I work with or anyone I come across how much I light up when I am talking about you.

But I don’t always tell you that.  I probably should.

That’s why I am telling you now.

I love you,


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