Updates to LDS Library App, Improved Navigation

LDS Library was silently updated without fanfare that I can see,but boasts one of the most improved ways for quickly navigating books that I have seen in any scripture or book app.

The LDS Library, which contains scriptures, manuals, media and resources designed for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is freely available to anyone who may be looking for a gospel study companion.

Below, see a screenshot of the interface in study mode with highlights, references, tags and other notes visible.


Below, See two screen noting the navigation tool comprised of tapping the book you are on (top middle of screen) and seeing the immediate hierarchy of books and then also tap the new windows button top right to see quickly all the windows currently open for fast switching.



The LDS Library app link in iTunes App Store notes several other changes including:

– ios7 look and feel
– Simplified search
– Redesigned bookmarks
– Unlimited screens
– Integration with LDS Music app
– Improved language support and support for mixed language content
– Simplified settings
– Bug fixes

What do you think of the app? Faster navigation than your old Quad?


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