This is crazy: unsubscribe me, maybe


I just unsubscribed from a political email list.

It’s not necessarily because I disagree with what they are trying to promote, but because they throw everything into the bucket of “(insert political figurehead) is trying to limit job growth”

Look, I know are idealistic opinions out there on how to create jobs in this economy. I know there are people out there for every kind of policy that will feel like it’s the wrong one. But, I can’t remember any political person who decided and openly said “I hate jobs, and I’m never going to allow them to be created again.”

Or, as my friend Blake might say, channeling his inner nacho libre: “I hate all de jobs in all de world.”

The truth is, I’m not a political scientist. Nor am I an economist, (though I considered playing one on tv once). I appreciate thoughtful, rational dialogue on topics that affect our economy and nation, and I want to be informed. However, I hate being treated like I’m an idiot that needs to be spoonfed political information, carefully spun to rile me up at the audacity of (recall previously named political figurehead)’s backroom*, partisan*, anti-American* attempts to sneak another one past me. Not me, brother! I am a watchman on this proverbial ivory tower of political purity! Bring it on (political figurehead). You’ve done it this time. NOW, you get to deal with ME and my previously unknown-to-me SuperPAC friends. I’m going to click “ACT ON THIS” right now in this email. I hope you’re ready for me to bring down the thunder, buddy!

Plus, there’s a minimal-to-slight chance that this group or PAC or whoever they are actually knows who I am. I don’t recall signing up for anything from this organization.

The saddest part? This organization wouldn’t send emails like this if it didn’t work. I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear some of the rhetoric in this email around the water cooler, or get it forwarded it to me from some of my more politically-minded contacts.

So much for deeply valuable social dialogue.

So, you just spammed me, and this is crazy, but here’s my email: unsubscribe me, baby.

* This is a carefully crafted political spin word which can be applied to any and all politician I dislike, at any time, for any or no reason, to exclaim my disgust and disdain for them.


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