Pro-Tip: Google a Math Problem and Get a Calculator



Anyone watching Google lately knows that they’ve been increasingly personalizing search results (you probably didn’t even know it) based on information you can quickly access based on what you searched.  This concept, called “info cards” really helps you get actionable results from your search queries instantly after pressing “enter”.

Today, I noticed that if you google a Math Problem (I just typed a simple math problem in the Chrome Omnibar), Google will respond with not just the answer, but a slick HTML-based calculator in case you need to adjust your query a smidge (see image, below).



This appears to be part of Google’s larger cards program which seems to to be Google’s Future according to some. They’ve long been helpful for maps, now show up while you watch movies (well, when you pause a movie), and, with Google Now (very cool and very available on iOS now!), they even help you with movie tickets, and even finding a new place to live.


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