How to Get a Receipt for Cashless Toll Charges From Car Rental Company

Denver Cashless Toll System

Recently, I was on a business trip to the Denver area and had no apparent option but to go through a new Cashless Toll road system that Denver has.  These are getting popular throughout the country.  As if driving in a new town isn’t bad enough, not understanding local toll systems can be stressful. But, once I realized there was no way to manually pay for the tolls (and that somehow I would get charged) I accepted my fate and just enjoyed the quick drive from Denver International to Boulder.

Once I returned the car, I informed the car rental folks what happened and they said, “Oh, yeah, they will bill you to your credit card on file, plus a convenience fee.” OK, well, I wouldn’t mind avoiding the extra fees, but that’s the way it goes, I thought.

I’ve now been billed, and ran into another snag.  They just charged the card.  I didn’t get an email notifying me of the charge or even a comment in my online account with the company noting what had happened.  I knew this should be the toll, but didn’t have a way to collect a receipt for reimbursement from my company.

Thankfully, though there’s no mention of doing this on the car-rental company’s website, I found a press-release detailing an “innovative” (lol) toll pass program with this little nugget at the bottom:

Highway Toll Administration (HTA) administers all toll pass program billing and provides 24-hour customer support seven days a week. HTA has been providing electronic toll collection services since 2002, primarily to rental car agencies. For more information about HTA, visit

I was shocked to actually click through to the website (who knew there was a Highway Toll Administration!?) and be able to click on Statement Lookup, choose my rental company, enter some information about me/my rental and *poof* have an invoice magically prepared before my eyes, prepped and primed to be submitted for reimbursement!

So, fellow road warriors, bookmark for all your “How do I get a receipt for the toll charges from my rental car?” needs.

Oh, and drive safe.


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