Best ‘Unsubscribe’ Page Ever

When unsubscribing from something, it’s usually a pretty terse experience.  I mean, breaking up is never really an easy thing to do.  The “unsubscribe” link in the email is always hidden or in teeny-tiny-text (curse you tiny text! (video). The website you get to is often as “corporate” and as sterile as you can get and the experience is very similar to the principal’s office wallpaper where you waited for ever (minutes) to be told you were going to detention for being bad. You can almost hear the slight muzak emanating from the water-stained suspended ceiling installed in 1966.

Hubspot, the marketing company, did a pretty good thing though.  They put a video on their unsubscribe page which was pretty dang funny.

I didn’t re-subscribe, but I did consider it…. and laughed enough to blog about it, which is pretty good. It means, yes, HubSpot, we can still be friends. That’s friends, not “Friends”, though.

Check it (link, I can’t embed):

Hubspot Unsubscribe Video


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