LDS Library Feedback

This is the greatest scripture app! The fact that it has all church materials available is incredible. THANK YOU for supporting and developing this!

A few refinements that would be helpful:
– When I link a scripture, can I have the scripture I link /to/ be automatically linked /back/ as well?
– When the footnote bar is active on the iPad at least, if I tap it wrong to put it away, it flips me to my next open window in the app. Odd. It’s “hard” to grab hold of and slider back down to dock it.
– Can I have my notes I’ve made for a page all be opened or closed by default? This would be great for lesson-teaching.
– when I highlight something to make a note or copy it, the default is to select the whole verse… This is good overall, but gets very tedious if I want to mark only a portion of the verse… Especially when I get into marking up manuals or talks with long paragraphs! Let me turn off this feature and just use iOS’s standard copy/select/select all options on a long-press?

– When I highlight something to make a note, I can choose colors or just underline if I just “mark” something (but it’s universal after that and affects all markings)… I would like to choose a format for the highlighted text that is not so glaring… In both “notes” and “marks” can I choose a default formatting option AND then individual formatting for specific kinds of marking I want to do? Various colors, styles, etc…?
– SHARE my notes with friends if I want! Can you show me what family or friends have said about certain scriptures? Or can I send notes to friends in some easily formatted way? Ideally, have this synced with my lds account and show up IN my app (for example, I want to share certain insights with my children and I would like to see things my father or mother might note… Let me link my lds account with theirs and then when we make notes in our app, allow us to make them “visible to family and friends” or even “public” (tied to my profile?) and sync LINKED family/friends notes that are shared with me to my notes section (with some special formatting so I know this is their notes, not my own)
– See globally popular scriptures: On the kindle, phrases that are especially popular are underlined lightly. That would be a great feature!
– Better sync with The LDS.ORG experience on the iPad has challenges because of the floating toolbar. I just can not get it to work. A better mobile experience integrated with the app would be great.
– Show me references: It would be great if I could see references to a certain scripture or other media that mention a verse I am reading. For example, John 14 & 15 might have several references to certain scriptures in them given in conference talks or ensign articles, manuals, etc… Perhaps even a video of the Last Supper, etc. this would be like “what do the prophets say about this verse?” these are often already linked in the footnotes or index of articles… Can you “link back” to the incoming links or search for incoming links to this scripture?
– Easier sharing:
Ok, this is a stretch. I’d like easier sharing in two ways: asynchronous and synchronous.

First, asynchronously, I would like to copy an item and have the public web-URL for that item so I can share it easier. It would be even more fantastic if I could immediately email, tweet or Facebook out that item… “Here is a great scripture that helped me today… {include link}”

Second, synchronously, how can I share a reference to something I am looking at RIGHT NOW with people around me? perhaps on the same wifi network as me if I am teaching a class, or through geo/sync or something like the app “bump” uses to know who is near you? It’d be great to teach a class and create an ad-hoc “classroom” locally and then slide verses or paragraphs from lesson manuals, etc, for people to read then have the participants in the room be able to sync with my lesson outline. Perhaps to see my lesson flow on the left In outline form, then tap the items to see the item to read/note on the right? Take to the next level and allow class members to share notes with the class (that they can keep or ignore) or “raise their hand” and ask questions on.

Thanks for the great app! I look forward to more!

New feedback: Jan 2013:
Love the app. 99% of the time it’s perfect. But my key need is still better/easier annotation.

Can you develop an “underline mode”? Perhaps where I can enable it, then simply drag across text in a verse with finger or stylus to highlight text? When I pick up my finger, a note box appears? The current method of highlighting is exceedingly tedious unless I want to select a whole verse, which I hardly ever do. Just a key phrase here or there, and often several small bits here and there in a verse.

Learn from kindle highlighting please. It’s not perfect either, but way better.

If I double tap a verse, maybe select that whole sentence. Triple-tap? The whole verse?!


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