Welcome to 2013!

As much as some people didn’t think we’d actually make it here, we did.  So, now what?

For me, 2012 was a great year.  A year of completion and progress. A year of renewal and restitution. A year of forgiveness and fullness.

I am looking forward to 2013 with renewed vigor and excitement, a desire for increased happiness and joy for my loved ones, and increased safety and peace.

Overall, I am thankful that 2012 was the year it was. I started a new job, commute like a pro, and have lost 18 pounds while building lean muscle mass and learning much more about my nutrition and health.  Spiritually, I have come to a new place in my relationship to God–a place that He seems to have prepared me for long ago, but I lost sight of for a very long time. I feel more connected in my personal, intimate relationships than I ever have in my life, and I feel strength and renewal in opportunities that have come to me to serve others. Emotionally, I feel stronger and more confident over the things that I have allowed to weigh me down in the past. Professionally–I won’t lie–I killed in in 2012. This was a great year.

I am hoping to take time over the next few days to write about some of the great things that have happened… the lessons I have learned and things I want to make note of before moving on from this place:

  • 2012: A year of Joy
  • My favorite technology these days.
  • A Year of Commuting in Salt Lake
  • What I see in 2013

How was your 2012? What’s next for you?

  • New job?
  • New life?
  • New passion?
  • Solve old problems?
  • Heal old wounds?
  • Come closer to God?

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