Hatred of Utah drivers!

20121005-085119.jpgThis is the post in which I rant that I want to reopen my Twitter account for no other reason than to send angry tweets about how much Utah drivers can’t drive at all.

  • I seriously can’t understand why so many trucks need to drive right down the middle of the freeway? …And then everyone in the left lane feels they need to drive the same speed as said truck??
  • Why is it that everyone drives in the left lane as slow as they possibly freaking can? Seriously, the right lanes are always free of traffic and the left lanes are full.
  • Why is it the more lanes that get opened by UDOT the more everyone spreads out across the road like it’s a Sunday stroll in the park?
  • I seriously can’t understand why it seems like I’m the only one on this road trying to actually get anywhere!??
  • And the moment a car seems to try and pass you, why do you speed up?

Just leave the LEFT LANE open to people who are actually passing!

My favorite? When a minivan with 19 people in it careens across the freeway nearly cutting everyone off so they can get into the carpool lane before the dotted lines go solid only to slow down to 58 miles an hour. I’m paying a toll for this lane, buddy! At least act like you’re going somewhere on purpose! You owe me a dollar 50.

And, that odd sensation in the back of your head? That’s me glaring at you.

Just. Please. Drive, people!! GO!


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