How Twitter's New Interface Brought Me Back to Roost

Why the #newtwitter is working better for me?

In a word: Connection.

The new features in Twitter are great.

The Connection Tab is really my new homepage when I visit twitter. In one view, it thins out all the conversations into what’s going on related to me and the people I know and talk to?

  • Tip: Flip between Interactions and Mentions (links @ top left) to see different views of your content.

Also, the way media, replies and conversations and retweets and other features are tracked in the new twitter view is really nice. It helps me know what’s really happening with things, and watch the engagement happen.

Finally, the #Discover tab surfaces some really interesting stuff if your friends are not sharing anything interesting at the moment. Check into it.

Wishlist: I don’t mind the new Retweet function anymore, but I really, really, REALLY like the old way of retweeting. I think it broadened and increased conversation. Retweeting this way just promotes things, doesn’t allow for coherent conversation as well.

I am surprised how much time I am spending with my twitter stream these days. Thanks for the improvements. It makes twitter feel much less crowded and a lot more intimate.

And, that’s what it’s all about.


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