My iTunes Hacked, $300+ stolen via PayPal

Case of the Mondays?

Try this one on. Overnight, I got a notice there was a purchase of something called “Kingdom Conquest” on my iTunes account. I knew one of the other users on my account (in my family) was renting movies, so I guessed that this was an odd name, but likely legit purchase.  This morning, I discovered nearly 10 purchases “in game” from said app (owned by Sega) that came through my iTunes account which is linked to my PayPal account.

Turns out, of course, I am not the only one to fall victim to this, and it’s actually relatively old news. Apparently, anyone can add your itunes account and just buy stuff until your account blocks it


Good news is, Apple seemed to notice and put a hold on my account after about $300 was spent… and now PayPal is investigating with hopes toward reversing the charges, nothing has hit my bank, and apple vows to give me the credit back I deserve (though I haven’t seen anything yet).

Updates to follow. Meanwhile, I continue to change all the passwords in the world. Luckily, my iTunes password is NOT one that is common among other accounts I own, but I’m not taking chances.

Thoughts? How do you protect your online accounts?


One thought on “My iTunes Hacked, $300+ stolen via PayPal

  1. I have also been hacked by the Kingdom Conquest purchaser. $100 total. Luckily it was routed through my Paypal account and I was able to close my bank account in time for the charges to be blocked. I am truly disappointed in Apple.

    So much for my love affair with my iPhone…

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