Wishlist: 3 Pluses Google Should Add to Google+


is doing some great things with Google Plus. Here’s my quick wishlist for three things they could change in a hurry to get me a little more embedded in the platform:

  1. Direct Messaging: Make it easy for me to reach out to people immediately that follow me. Follow the simple rule that I can Direct Message (DM) them if they already chose to follow me.
  2. "Follow me": The paradigm is that, if I want to read someone’s stuff, I "follow" them. In G+, we are being asked to "circle" them, but that doesn’t enable me to see someone’s more-private messages. 

    Since I am a "friends only" sharer, I have to add people to one of my circles before they can see what I am talking about.  That penalizes me on the network unless I add everyone who circles me to a circle themselves… not the most-fun.

    A great addition would be a setting that says, "automatically put people who add me to their circle into a circle called…" and make the default something like "followers".  Then, when I share things to just my circles, even these possibly-obscure individuals I don’t really know well have a place… and (better yet) I don’t have to manage it!

  3. Timeline and Comment-Stream Management: I like how hot things bounce to the top, unless I’ve already read them and the conversation is dying off into drivel like page 4 of the editorial section

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