Scumbag, Netflix

scumbag-netflix The sad story here is that one, Netflix was the outcast, the speakeasy version of media consumption. They were the legal-but-still-somehow-underground way to sort-of stick it to the man, get all the movies you want on your own terms. They were the rebellion. They were the free market in action. "Late Fees? We don’t need no stinking late fees" was our mantra.

The DVRs came along, we stayed.

The Redbox (with their equally striking use of a certain Netflix-like color) came along, we flirted, but eventually stayed.

The Hulu and the YouTube and the you-name-it-online-wanna-be-video-service came along…

We stayed.

We watched in smug pleasure as the unsinkable ship that was Blockbuster groaned to her watery grave. "That’s for charging me a restocking fee, you losers!" we said to the air as we watched another bankrupt  Blockbuster store fade into the distance of our rear-view mirrors.

We even went through geek hell and paid a neighbor kid (well, he’s 19 but looks the same as he did when he was 12, just bigger) $25 and a pizza to hook up our Wii to the Internet so our kids (or ourselves) could watch Phineas and Ferb anytime we wanted. Or the original Karate Kid. Or Goonies.

We, Netflix, made you King of the Hill, ignoring our children, our jobs (or the need to find a new job) and even the Casey Anthony trial to watch you—you! We made you the number-one-sucker-of-bandwidth of the entire Internet!  We even notched those lame bitorrent users down to size—all for you!

But this?

Matt Burns gets it right. We would not really actually care if NetFlix did this if it meant more to those of us who stayed loyal to them and stuck with DVD rentals, too:

It’s that Netflix raised the prices without adding any value. There simply isn’t any way of spinning this as a benefit to the consumer and backlash is the result.#

Really? were my two DVDs per six months really costing you that much?

Did Netflix recently hire the same pricing consultant that Verizon has been using?



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