Upload Entire Folders to Google Docs

One more reason to use Google Documents Storage is here… upload entire folders from your hard-drive and your sub-folders/documents/files/images, etc., will be maintained.

The Google Help files explain it this way:

For example, let’s say you have a folder on your desktop called “Photos.” Within this folder, you have sub-folders named “Family photos,” “Vacation photos,” and “Landscapes,” each containing five photos. When you upload the “Photos” folder to Google Docs, each of the sub-folders and the photos within them will also be uploaded in the same structure.

I see at least three things about this that are deceptively killer:

  • Since you can elect to have documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more converted to “Google Docs” format, the more people move to storing their docs online AND storing them in web-native formats, the less important siloed office/productivity applications will be. Open Documents may finally become a living reality.
  • The ease of moving your folders-full-of stuff to the cloud will prompt people to try it.  Kindof like that junk-drawer you have in your kitchen…. it’s easier to box the whole thing up and move it to your new house in a pile than to carefully go through and hand-pick new homes for those things.
  • Google is making cloud storage make sense to the masses. Hey, if your email is all up there, and your documents, too, its a small logical leap to a full “google drive” in the cloud, managed and secured by your Google ID.

Where this can go next:

  • Search, not Sort: My kids don’t know why I have folders of anything on my computers. It doesn’t make sense to them. Their paradigm is TheGoogle: Search, don’t Sort. Their entire introduction to the computer experience began with a text box and a button labeled “Search!” In a Google world, this is OK, and the Google Docs’ paradigm around “collections” instead of folders is making more and more sense in a post-file-system world.
  • Sync, Sync, Sync: Folder sync tools like Dropbox make people happy. Happy enough they find ways to use it for nothing else than it’s fun to store something in your dropbox folder and have it magically appear on your other machines/phones/tablets.   However, I hope the time is short before a downloadable app or other method enables either some kind of folder sync across machines via Google Docs or (ideally) an on-system, browsable folder-tree (a la Dropbox) that is really only pointers to the online versions of those same documents.  Offline browsing could be a freemium feature.  Personally, my greatest dislike of Dropbox is that I know those files are still taking up physical harddrive space on multiple machines!
  • Easier editing on the run. The new mobile app from Google came out for Google Docs.  I can’t wait for the ability to really easilly edit and create documents through these mobile interfaces.  Really, 95% of my document storage needs are, generally, simple enough that my smartphone would suffice.  Lists of this, simple spreadsheets of that… I was doing this on my Compaq iPAQ ten years ago.

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