Tungle Acquired by RIM (Blackberry)

No surprise: I love me some Tungle.

And somehow I missed the news yesterday that they had been acquired by RIM, the maker of Blackberry.

Something in the air, I guess.

I think this is a good thing. The calendaring wizardry I have often waxed poetic on through this blog has changed my calendaring life, and made it easier for people to connect and share with me through such an old-school medium (gasp) phone calls and face-to-face meetings.

The easiness of tungling, is, addictive… as one commenter said on techcrunch:

Tim Kilroy · VP, Natural Search at PM Digital

Great acquisition! Tungle and its ilk are hard to understand at first (why would you need them…Outlook, GCal, iCal, etc all work just fine) but once you use it…you are hooked!

BlackBerry, as I have said, kills it when it comes to messaging which, arguably, calendaring is a high-level form of just that.

Please, please, please RIM, just like iTunes on Windows made "PC" users so much more accustomed to the brand, use this as a way to make sure RIM software apps (brand) are in and android devices (and more) around the world as well as your own BlackBerry’s and Playbooks. Do not kill this off by siloing people into your ecosystem. Let a hundred flowers blossom.#


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