When Will Checks Go Virtual, Too? #wishwed


My bank has not only image recognition ATM machines (what are those?), but also allows check deposits by smartphone too.

Recently, someone wrote a check to me only to watch me deposit it right then and there.


Sans trip to the bank (and no gas expended thereby), I had their cash in my account the next morning.

Of course, I wonder when someone (my bank, maybe?) will make an app allowing me to "write" a check from my verified checking account, displaying it deftly on my smartphone or computer screen for them to snap a photo of, virtually endorse with a saved image of their signature (or beautifully sign with their finger a la squareup) and — zam! — we’ve completed a paperless monetary transaction!

Alternatively, I generate a check image via my app I send to you by MMS or pdf/email for you to scan to your bank or print and deposit old-school like.

Paypal? SquareUp? Chase*? Are you listening?

*I tried to link to blogs wherever I could here, but, of course Chase has no blog. Why would they blog? I think Chase Bank help fund the printing press. Btw, to the Chase legal team reading this to determine if I have violated terms and conditions, it’s pronounced: buh-LAW-g.


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