Easy Physical-To-Digital Calendaring – Wishlist Wednesday


Hair salon, doctor appointment, dentist, whatever… when You walk out the door they ask for another appointment. Of course, that’s no problem in itself but it leaves me fumbling for my phone, trying to validate the appointment time in my calendar.

Maybe I’m just lame, but I usually end up just accepting their little appointment card and hoping for the best.

I’ve learned by Sad experience that if I do not get that appointment in my calendar immediately, I will forget about it.

I’d love to have a way to get that appointment off that little piece of paper and into my calendar as quickly as possible.

Better yet, How can I get a calendar invitation immediately from them?

An email invitation would work but maybe that’s not the best solution For simplicity or privacy.
Maybe, send me the invitation by sms,  but is there any standard for that?

Personally I think a small kiosk where I can “Bump”, Or scan a q r code might be perfect,  But people who know how to use that technology are probably a very small number of clients…

For a long time, google calendar has allowed you to send a sms message to them with a certain string of text and they convert it to a calendar appointment. I. Wonder if I can snap a photo of this card and email/MMS it to them and get a calendar appointment in return!


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