P.S. Googling A Phone Number Sucks #wishwed

My wishlist item for this week is to the to help us with googling phone numbers. 

Truth is, Google knows when you enter a FedEx/UPS tracking number, a patent filing, an address, a currency, a flight number, a disease, a restaurant, a movie, a unit of measurement, a stock quote or a time or a math equation or a…….

Why is entering a phone number GUARANTEED to bring me pages and pages and pages of JUNK without any context at all?

If anything else, GOOG, can you give me a happy little box at the top that says something like:

  • This looks like a phone number!
  • It looks like the number belongs to the Boston, MA area…
  • Your Google Contacts, Facebook Friends and connections don’t have this number on file (that we can find)…
  • BUT, searching your Gmail and Calendar, we did find an email containing this number! go there!

And there would be much rejoicing.

And then you can commence with the spam. No problem.



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