Drunks Who Changed The World

72 years ago in April, the book Alcoholics Anonymous, affectionately known as "The Big Book" was released to the world.

Recently, I was reflecting on the value and serenity that has come to my life thanks to the 12 steps first put forward by AA so many years ago that have gone forward and helped people in so many kinds of addictive/destructive behaviors like my own.

While looking up some information on the 12step program, especially the program put forward by LDS Family Services, I came across a website from a group called Heart T’ Heart, a self-organized addiction recovery group formed several years ago based on the AA steps and traditions, and the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. On their website, I noticed a dedication to Dr. Bob and Bill W, who authored The Big Book which includes this well-written tribute:

Little did anyone realize that in that humble effort by a bunch of previously hopeless, derelict drunks was the beginning of the single most powerful program for overcoming self-destructive behaviors that has ever been introduced to the world. No efforts by medical science or modern psychology has ever duplicated their success. #

Interestingly, when I recall some of the pain and the personal suffering I was experiencing when I first attended group meetings, I admit that I look back with some fondness to not only the human relationships I built through those associations, but also (and most especially) the heavenly relationships I (re)made and forged, and the angels (on earth and in Heaven) who I know assisted me in some of the hardest hours and darkest moments.

I will always be grateful for these steps. Thanks to them, I can choose serenity and peace each day.


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