Wishlist: Google Listen with Video Podcast Support

I love Listen, the android app (download on android market, amazon market (not available), app brain and others. Scan the QR code (barcode) below for quick linkage) that connects you easily with your podcasts. In fact, I wish the Audible App were this easy to use (or integrated!)

The simplicity with which this app just syncs with your podcasts, downloads new shows on the run… OTA… I am amazed that I used to sync podcasts to my iPod or (gasp!) download them and BURN them to a CD to take in my car.

Man 2007 was so hard. How did I even LIVE back then??

The Listen app, which received a solid upgrade a few months back to integrate seamlessly with your Google Reader (newsreader) account boasts of the interconnected goodness that Google is increasingly famous for.

Yet, the one thing I really want to see Listen take on next  is Video Podcast support.  This shouldn’t be that difficult really to patch in to the existing app. 

Just parse video files included in the existing RSS feed (you’re already consuming) and launch them via Android’s built-in video viewer instead of in the Listen listen-er—thinggy.

(that came out odd).

Point is, VIDEO PODCASTING is the next evolution of this app—in fact PODCASTING in general has kindof lost it’s "buzz" since its so geeky… and audio podcasting as a whole is going the way of AM radio. 

This project risks getting dumped in the recycle bin as a good idea that didn’t keep up with the times, unless someone hacking away on their CR-48 can patch in some video abilities to this otherwise incredible app!  

I hope someone at Google is still developing for this project because it seems the Listen-Discuss threads on this topic are dying off without any response.

Google, are you LISTENing?


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