RE: Japan. This is Not Virtual

Houses swallowed by tsunami waves burn in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture (state) after Japan was struck by a strong earthquake off its northeastern coast Friday, March 11. (Kyodo News/Associated Press)

We don’t even really know the rest of this story yet. It will play out over the next weeks and months.  Sadly, the 24/7 news cycle will stop following this in a few days, and we will forget like we have barely begun to forget ChristChurch and long-forgotten Port-Au-Prince.

Its so easy to ignore the hurt when it’s not happening to you.  On your doorstep.  Under your own feet. All around you.

…All around those you love, and you can do nothing for them.

Remember, this is NOT virtual. This is real. It’s happening RIGHT NOW. People’s lives have been cut short. For others, the agony of putting their life back together is just beginning.

How can you do anything from way over here? I don’t know yet… but realizing this is more than stunning, gut-wrenching images, and never forgetting that LIFE is the most precious thing we all have… is a… start.



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