::momentary sigh::

IMAG0371 Mass High Tech today reports that the US Department of Justice’s review of Novell‘s patent sale to CPTN Holdings is keeping the Attachmate/Novell Merger from going through no-faster than at least one month and a day from today, April 12th.

As my readers know, I am an employee of Novell and, though I don’t have any additional information than what anyone can read online, I’ll admit this is a bummer.  Personally—and this is just my personal sentiment—I am excited for the transaction to close and ready to begin writing the next next chapter in Novell’s storied history.

Personally, I have a very full plate with some of the most-exciting technical and engineering hiring requisitions open right now (see Toronto, Utah, Waltham and Vienna). We’re filling them as quickly as we can (has anybody seen my personal life?) and trying to keep business as usual, but the longer this takes…. well, the longer it will take.

Enough. Back to the phones…


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