Smartest Machine on Earth… Plays Jeopardy

Watson, the “Smartest Machine on Earth” was built by IBM with the daunting task to be able to play and win at Jeopardy, the challenging game show. See the back-stage experience online here:

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA.

Watson can run many operating systems, but tuned up and ready to rock Jeopardy! with Novell’s Suse Linux under the hood.*

According to David Davidian, an IBM Senior System Architect, “Watson is a massively parallel system based on the IBM POWER7 750 in a standard rack mounted configuration.” It can run AIX, IBM’s house-brand Unix; IBM I; and Linux. To compete on Jeopardy Watson is running Novell’s SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.”

In a press-release, Novell explains some of the benefits to the Suse Linux platform for Watson:

“Watson’s ‘Jeopardy!’ appearance is a remarkable event in the history of Linux and a landmark accomplishment within the 20-year technical partnership between IBM and Novell,” said Markus Rex, senior vice president and general manager of Open Platform Solutions at Novell. “Watson’s ability to compete head-to-head with human contestants showcases just how powerful, sophisticated and versatile the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform is. We very much look forward to seeing its capabilities in action when the episodes air later this month.”

*Note: Novell is my employer.


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