Google Docs Updates Document Interface

This week, has rolled out a refresh to how it lists and shows you documents, files, images, videos and more in your docs pane.

For a year or so, you could put any document, presentation, image or file into your Google Docs account, but the viewers and tools were somewhat spotty.

More and more, Docs is becoming, literally, a more and more compelling "desktop" in the . All your files will be there, with secure/easy sharing and easy-to-access compatibility across systems, devices, tablets, , etc.


The sidebar on the left has been refreshed with a smarter "home" view allowing you to filter in/out the things you want to see.

Folders and Labels are now called "Collections", which should make sorting and finding things easier.

The main panel has been refreshed and looks cleaner/easier to access.  Photos and videos will open right in the screen using a picasa-like preview and video player.


There should also be improvements to search and filtering of files and I really hope refreshing speed improves as well!

When gets baked a little more, and you will be able to print to any printer right from Docs, this tool may have just become perfect. Literally.


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