Spilled Milk (Why I'm Dropping RTM Already)

Remember The MilkThe task-management system Remember The Milk is well-known and respected for being one of the most-powerful task-management systems out there.

And, honestly, I don’t disagree with that.

But after trying and really wanting to move my task-management function to RTM, I just can’t stick with it any longer for two, seemingly simple reasons, that  Tasks does for me (albeit, without any of the other bells/whistles).

Why I’m Going Back to Google Tasks

  1. Sort by.
    In Google Tasks, I can sort by either the Due Date or "My order", dragging things around and reorganizing as I see fit. In RTM, I was forced to sort by their order, either due date, priority or the task name.

    Sadly, this was brought up in RTM’s own forum on January 18, 2007 (just shy of FOUR YEARS AGO) with regular postings (somewhere north of 100) trying to bump the idea into RTM’s consciousness — It hasn’t worked.

    Finally, a year ago (from this posting), "Emily" from RTM replied to the group stating that there’s no roadmap and no way to know what is being worked on or released.

  2. Parent/Child Tasks
    This sounds lame on the surface, and hardly something gawking over…until you try it.  Maybe I am too much of a task-nerd to just suck it up, but I LOVE having the ability to assign sub-tasks to a certain task.  For example:
  3. – Go to Grocery Store
    — Get Milk
    —— 3 gallons skim
    —— 1 gallon 2%
    — Get Eggs

    And (BONUS) if I check off the top item ("Go to Grocery Store" in this example), it will automatically check off each sub-item.

    Furthermore, if I drag-and-drop the parent task into a new location in Google Tasks, it takes all the child tasks with it. Nice.

Wish me luck.


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