Web Visits Went Global


Nothing more than a curiosity, but visits to this website went interestingly global last week. Mainly, the foreign visitors came from searches about tasks, to-do lists and personal productivity.

Since I’m on the subject, here’s the most-popular posts of-late:


  1. Images of Provo Tabernacle Fire | Connected Well
  2. Three Ways to Access Google Tasks | Connected Well
  3. TWiG Discussion Topics [Graphic] | Connected Well
  4. Connected Well
  5. Mute People or Hashtags on Twitter — Wishlist Wednesday | Connected Well
  6. Navigating Blackberry and Google Calendar Sync Issues | Connected Well
  7. Throw my latkes in the air… | Connected Well
  8. Choosing a Primary Monitor on Dell Latitude D620 | Connected Well
  9. Windows 7 Rocks; Needs Better Program Startup Control | Connected Well
  10. Better Streaming Selection on Netflix: Wishlist Wednesday | Connected Well
  11. Wishlist: Google Voice to Manage All My Messaging | Connected Well
  12. Utah Company Overstock #8 Best Place to Work | Connected Well
  13. Wishlist Wednesday: Scaffold for WordPress | Connected Well
  14. Import Contact Profile Photos into Android from Gravatar | Connected Well
  15. Picasa Photos Need Easier Sharing #wishwed | Connected Well
  16. eFax Cuts Off Free Accounts Without Notice | Connected Well
  17. Map of the World by Friends | Connected Well
  18. Chase Mobile Banking App Goes Android | Connected Well
  19. Google Ousted by Facebook as Mayor of the Net in 2010 | Connected Well

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