Wishlist: 'Save As…' Google Documents Into a Folder

has come a long way. Now, with folders and folder-sharing and other great collaboration techniques, the experience has dramatically improved over last while.image

But one thing really hurts my productivity, and I have (sadly) learned to work around it.  Unfortunately, would-be converts to Docs get tripped up enough by this problem that they have abandoned the tool when they likely would have begun using it much more frequently:

Allow me to SAVE documents, spreadsheets drawings and presentations (etc) into a certain Google Docs folder from within the document I am working on!

This is logical, as it is the interface we are familiar with for EVERY OTHER DOCUMENT CREATION system out there:

  • Create the item/document
  • "Save As…" the document into a folder.

In Google Docs’ universe, I have to either:

  • Create the folder first, browse to the folder and click "New…"
  • Create the document, browse back to the Google Docs home page, find the file and drag/drop it to the folder I want it to be in.

Clearly, I am not the only one who noticed this and wants the interface different. Google, help!


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