Mute People or Hashtags on Twitter — Wishlist Wednesday

mute buttonMy wishlist this week is to have a way to mute a user or hashtag on twitter for a certain period of time to just avoid conversations that you don’t want to be involved in.

For example, I love sports, but not every game that the people I know on twitter is interesting to me.  It would be great to mute a hashtag about a certain team for a few hours to I don’t get my inbox flooded with tweets about a certain sports topic.

Or, some users engage in rapid tweet-chats about either certain topics that I don’t want to follow at the moment or don’t care about.  It would be great to mute a user for a few hours as well.

I think a command like “m username” or “m #hashtag” for “mute username/hashtag for 1 hour” would be a great command string. These tweets would be hidden for the muting duration, but could still show up in your twitter stream history, but just would not be sent to your mobile or trigger alerts in twitter apps.

Adding additional commands like a minutes variable at the end such as “m username|#hashtag 120”  for a two hour muting period would be an advanced feature.

What are Hashtags, anyway?

Hashtags are a great way to keep track of conversations on twitter. Tools like hashtagchat make it even easier to join a virtual flashmob community to talk through certain subjects.

People I follow are frequently involved in tags like:

Tracking these hashtags on twitter tools like TweetDeck or HootSuite make it easy to stay connected with others in a broad range of topics.


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