Images of Provo Tabernacle Fire (redirect)

This is a sad day for this town.

Our children used to call the Provo Tabernacle their "princess castle", and when we went to church there sometimes, they were extra well-behaved because, well, that’s what princesses do.

Driving by there today, our 11 year-old openly wept at the building’s shocking appearance.


#photo by TaiGray

Provo Tabernacle Fire
by a4gpa

by dav.d

Provo Tabernacle Fire
by MrMusicMan

Provo Tabernacle Fire
by swilsonmc

Update: 12/20/2010

A "remarkable painting" was recovered from the fire of the Provo Tabernacle on Saturday.

The image, depicting the future Second Coming of Jesus Christ, a tenant of the Church of Jesus Christ who owns the Tabernacle and grounds, has been blackened except for the central figure of Jesus in the image.

The picture quickly became a sensation on Saturday afternoon when it was discovered that the art had been entirely burned, except for the exact outline of the figure of Jesus Christ himself. Photos show the painting initially escaped any damage in the fire that destroyed the Tabernacle. But somehow, the painting slowly charred on Saturday or through the night on Friday. The frame remained intact, but the giclee had been charred black, apparently from the heat of the residual fire, which crews were not able to fully extinguish until 3 p.m. [#Herald Extra]

(Credit Needed)

At right, click to see an enlargement of what the original image of the Second Coming of Christ looks like.

Inside the burned Tabernacle

Credit to John Curtis, Provo Mayor

What other photos should I add? Be sure the rights are good, and link to them in/the comments below.


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