CauseWorld: Check-in for Charity #appmon

Funny, I blogged about an appday monday item, but on the wrong blog. I wrote about CauseWorld on my blog about Freedom Academy’s Fundraising Committee, which I chair.

I’ll crosspost it here for your appdaymonday goodness:

Mashable recently wrote a story about CauseWorld, the hit iphone/android app that lets people "check in" at a store or location and imagethen earn "karma points" which convert to real money (about $0.01/karma) by sponsor-companies and can be donated to real charities or funds by just clicking a button on the phone.

The "check-in" craze, pushed forward by Foursquare and others like Loopt, GoWalla and now Facebook Places, is where users who are in a certain place "check-in" to declare where they are and potentially see others around them.

Foursquare pioneered the game-mentality taking the meme by storm image where you get "badges" and other special status for doing certain activities.  For example, if you check-in to a location more than anyone, you become that location’s "mayor."

Merchants caught on quickly, realizing that this amounted to free, social advertising of their establishment and encourage check-ins with free drinks or a side-entree from their favorite restaurant for checking in, or a "always free drinks" for the current "mayor".

Moving this to the charity world is an interesting dynamic.  I am still studying, but it appears that CauseWorld and other upcoming charity check-in apps can bring real money to needy causes while letting users have a good time along the way.

Also from Mashable about online giving:


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