Better Streaming Selection on Netflix: Wishlist Wednesday


No question I love my streaming Netflix.

In fact, there are several times per week I think, "If I could just watch/finish a movie/show right now…."

Often, it’s at night when I am looking for a great show to watch on TV (there aren’t any, I checked) and the Netflix comes to the rescue! FTW!

But, I am simultaneously amazed at how many movies they DO have available for rent via DVD (everything!) and yet how many movies they do NOT have available on the streaming side.

If the new streaming-only subscription is going to be a draw, please get more movies on there!

Netflix’s streaming video selection is still small compared with its DVD by-mail library.  Gabelli & Company analyst Brett Harriss said the company would have to continue investing in costly content agreements to increase its digital offerings.

Netflix has already invested heavily in partnerships with EPIX pay TV channel, estimated at $1 billion, and NBC Universal.

via RedOrbit


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