Fundraising For Freedom Academy


There’s a slight chance you may have known that I was running for one of the three open seats on the Freedom Academy Governing Board. You might also know that I came in 4th in that race. No problem because I volunteered to chair the Sustainable Fundraising Committee with our first goal being:

“Raise $100k before the beginning of the next school year to provide funds for Enrichment (Specialties) Teachers/Programs.”

There is no question, I want our school to break free from government funding and provide excellent education to the children in our town without fear of economic setbacks or getting by on just the minimum.

There is so much we can/must do. Now.

I am pleased to report we have a vibrant group that’s moving forward in several areas:

  • Community/School fundraising—In cooperation with the PTO, this sub-committee will help align and move forward with great fundraising activities to allow our community, parents and students the chance to make a difference right away!
    • Clear, consistent communications to our community about what we’re doing, what’s next and where we need help.
    • Independent fundraising access to sponsor teachers’ classes with things they need.
    • Technology to allow clear fundraising information to be visible/accessible from
  • Corporate/Philanthropic fundraising—This group will focus on large endowments, grants and sustainable fundraising efforts to future-secure our school against economic and government setbacks.

We’re Recruiting

We need your help!  Come join us, even if you can only help with smaller projects (and can’t commit to be on our committee), we are looking for people with:

  • Communications, writing, marketing, photography skills – we need to get the word out!
  • Technology skills, especially website development. ( much?)
  • Sales skills – we need people who know how to ask for the check!
  • Project Management skills – We need to make sure things get DONE!
  • Event Planning Skills – We are going to have some KILLER events, and we want to make sure every one of them comes off perfect.

Want to help out?  Fill out a quick web form or COMMENT below or CONTACT me.

Got a great Fundraising Idea? Tell us! Quick!


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