Netflix Streaming Service Down

The Netflix streaming service is down apparently at least nationally in the USA.

Twitter has the scoop:

  • mcconrad04‎: And @netflix is down again… #fb #ismellanother3%credit @Austin_Merritt

    2 minutes ago

  • skotot‎: Oh no! @Netflix Instant is down! And right when I finally convince my wife to watch Zombieland with me too! =(

    3 minutes ago

  • TeflonDub‎: #Netflix down. No more Louie for me this evening.

    4 minutes ago

  • scoooooooooooty‎: @EricDelbridge netflix. instant. going home to down a pint and slip into rem.

    4 minutes ago

  • brandonhowe‎: Unfortunately netflix is down

    4 minutes ago

  • vgill‎: @netflix streaming is down.

    5 minutes ago

  • Hillhaus‎: Netflix streaming is down. Bummer.

    6 minutes ago

  • kassius_klay‎: @netflix is your streaming server down?

    6 minutes ago

  • BranThomps‎: Entire #Netflix streaming service down! Umm… did’t see that one coming. We overloaded servers with too much Dukes of Hazzard re-runs.

    9 minutes ago

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