SwiftKey is Smarter Than You. #appmon

I saw a tweet the other day about an android keyboard that had predictive-text abilities similar to Scribe. It turns out, the community recommended SwiftKey instead, which I am currently checking out.


Earlier this year, SwiftKey left private beta and joined the fray of android keyboards vying for attention. Mobilecrunch wrote:

Swiftkey is still a normal tap-tappity keyboard, only it’s paired with a much better predictive text engine. Much, much better. You see, it not only offers the usual spell-correction and auto-complete of words, it goes so far as to offer the most likely word you will type next. It’s like a psychic, only for less money.

It’s prediction technology makes things very interesting because it seems to use natural language databases plus it scans previous messages you’ve written to guess what you might say next.

One easter-egg feature is that (with the right settings) if you just hit the spacebar repeatedly it will just talk for you calling on your subconscious writing prowess with some interesting results. For example, the paragraph below is all prediction except the first word:

My name is included in the next few weeks ago by Alfred Armstrong, and the other day.

The fun of this keyboard is that it knows about things you often says and predicts them. Literally, if I am typing something fairly common, i can often enter very few keystrokes to write a whole sentence.

This sentence took fourteen keystrokes.

With any other keyboard, it would have taken ~50. Anyone else using SwiftKey?

Note that I have tried (and generally like) Swype and others. What I really want to see is BlindType… that will be a very interesting change to the -screen-keyboard landscape!


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