Retain and Attract the Best Teachers

This post is one of the four supporting statements of my Governing Board Platform.

The number-one factor in impacting our student’s education on a daily basis will be their teachers.
TeacherIf we can lay a groundwork for our teachers that enables them to ignore the details and teach their students, we will all succeed.  Nobody in the US (especially Utah) becomes a teacher for money.  They do it for passion and to give something valuable.  Our Freedom Academy teachers are some of the best I have ever known.  My children repeatedly talk about how they love their teachers.

Recently, some teachers have left our great school. I have no idea why all of them have left, but I surmise it’s either because they didn’t want to teach anymore, or a greater opportunity came up, or they were asked to leave.  While two of these reasons we may not have much control over, I hope we can prevent teachers leaving our school because someone else can provide them a “better” opportunity.

An old boss of mine used the term “fingerprints on the glass” referring to the reputation an organization has.

“We want the fingerprints to be on the outside of the glass looking in,” he said, meaning we want the kind of reputation to ensure faculty and students are always trying to get IN to Freedom Academy, not the other way around!

As a member of a Human Resources organization, I know that people always work better and are more productive when they:

  • Have all the tools they need for their job.
  • They have adequate support when issues arise.
  • They trust their management.

As a member of the school board, I will work hard to ensure our faculty, which has the single most-influential impact on our children every day are able to have all of these benefits.


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