Ensure Freedom’s Financial Future

This post is one of the four supporting statements of my Governing Board Platform.

In the last two years, the state of Utah has cut our schools funding and has told the school to be prepared for additional cuts this year as well.

All this in a state which has scored dead-last in the nation in per-pupil spending for public-schools—again.

“It’s been said over and over again, we stack them deep and educate them cheap,” said Larry Newton, school finance director for the Utah State Office of Education. “It gets old, but it’s not new.”

Even Idaho, which is ranked second-to-last in the country spends 20% more per-pupil than Utah does, according to the Deseret News.

The good-news to this story is that Freedom Academy, with focused effort, can create sustainable funding opportunities that can ensure our school’s financial success for the many thousands of students who will attend our great school in the years to come.

To run-forward with this initiative, I think we need to:

  • Clarify the difference between PTO fundraising and Freedom Academy fundraising (they are NOT the same, and funds are NOT shared!)
  • Have one person responsible for fund-raising efforts to coordinate the various initiatives.
  • Align our fundraising efforts around two main efforts:
    • Sustainable fundraising efforts and events leveraging the Freedom Academy families, alumni, and interested community members.
    • Support from local businesses to provide money to the school in exchange for advertising or sponsorship opportunities.
  • Provide clearer communication to parents/families about what funds raised are to be used for, and clear progress and results along the way to success.

As a member of the Freedom Academy Governing Board, I will help push forward with fundraising efforts that will ensure the school’s financial stability now and in the future!

How do YOU think we should sustain our school’s financial future?  Please comment!


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