Mint Data Shows Shopping Trends Near You

Ever wonder how the Joneses are actually doing at keeping up with YOU? Other than sneaking into that McMansion of theirs and taking a peek at their bank statements, you can also just compare yourself to others in your general location using Mint’s new Data Trending tools.

A few interesting tidbits I found for Salt Lake City, Utah:

  • Travel expenses have taken a turn upward from $600-$1000/mo recently (likely just holiday travel time)
  • Utahns spend more at the DMV than they do on Tires (Big-O, of course)
  • And, while Takashi and MarketStreet are players in the food/dining category here, Utahns like their MEAT and they like it skewered at Rodizio Grill (isn’t it pronounced "hoDEEzheeo"?).
  • But, even the siren call of skewered meat isn’t enough to keep Utah shoppers from getting most of their food from Costco (Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart didn’t make the list… curious?)
  • In the shopping category, RC Willey and top the list with Overstock and Best Buy not too far behind.

Here’s a graph for the Utah, Salt Lake City market: (major props for giving me EMBED code right on the page, guys!)

This chart is based on data aggregated anonymously from over 4 million users.

At the end of the day, two things can be said about this. EITHER:

  • Utahans are exceptionally picky, tech-savvy, urban shoppers who like deals (Overstock, Costco) and like alternative foods when they go out (Rodizio, Happy Sumo, PF Changs, etc. are all non-traditional food establishments)


  • There’s one geek using Mint in Utah and he’s a tech and food snob (Apple + Sushi)

P.S. Thanks to JaceHall for alerting me to this via twitter


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