Fundraising Meeting Today

I am headed to Freedom Academy for a Fundraising Meeting they are holding this morning to brainstorm ideas to ensure the school stays sustainable in any economic climate.

Thanks to some of the research I have done for the school’s expansion committee, I think there are 4 things we need to ensure no matter how fundraising moves forward at Freedom:

  1. Have a single-point of contact responsible for all fundraising coordination.
  2. Have clear-consistent communication to families about what funds are being raised for and regular (quarterly) feedback to parents on exactly where each fundraising project is.
  3. Provide clarity around the difference between PTO fundraisers (the walk-a-thon) and School fundraisers (the $200 annual gift per family) as the PTO money does NOT contribute to the school today.
  4. Have a multi-year-plan in place to begin developing a fundraising culture at Freedom Academy that spans not only current families, but the business and educational community around us, and alumni and families and other generous donors in our area or foundations around the world (such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).

I want Freedom Academy to succeed. How do YOU think we should fundraise here at Freedom? Comments, please.


4 thoughts on “Fundraising Meeting Today

  1. My sister-in-law sent this thought to me: our sweet return program is pretty cool. Pie gift cards that kids sell for $12 and pay vi 7.50 for each the school keeps the difference! No second trip for delivery =) let me know if you guys want more info =)

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