KillerApp: Five uses of DropBox Plus One

Dropbox is clean, smooth and solves so many cross-computer/platform sync problems it’s almost a no-brainer to get/install and try out. It’s free, too so… duh.

Click to try dropbox (free)I have been using it for about a month across three Windows PCs of different flavors (XP home, XP Pro and Windows 7) and two android devices. I also share folders with others so they can have their own private DropBox and I can share files/folders with nothing more-difficult than drag-n-drop.

imageAlso, Mac, Linux (even GUI-less CLI) and a fully-awesome web client is available, combined with iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry clients (I already mentioned that I run it on my android phones) make dropbox possibly the most-ubiquitous and easy to use file sync program available without a PhD in CompSci.

I’m a fan.

So, here’s five-plus-one real-world uses (that I am doing today) of DropBox:

  1. I share private files across my computers and my android device. I work on a document at home and, when I get to work the document is already there waiting for me (or immediately synchronizes when I log in).
  2. I have a shared folder for just my family that gives read/write access to my wife and children. This lets us share photos, documents or other things that we all want to see or get access to.
  3. My children do a lot of schoolwork using the computer. They each have a folder for their work that lives inside our family’s shared folder. Home, on the go, at school or even grandma’s house, they can’t say the dog ate their homework anymore… Dropbox has a copy they can print/turn in or work on.  Note: This would be a GREAT tool for teachers/educators!
  4. I have a shared folder for my larger family (my parents and siblings) so we can share photos, notes, or anything else that would otherwise be emailed.
  5. Combining DropBox on my Android phone with Astro File Manager (free) I can copy/share/backup any item on my droid’s SD card.

And one BONUS ITEM: A while ago, my SD card got corrupted on my phone and I lost everything especially my songs.  Using the DropBox tool, I syncronize my droid eris with my song library simply by putting the song files in my music folder under drop-box.  They don’t download onto my phone until I tell them to (over wifi) or I can stream them through the built-in media player!

Disclosure: If you sign up for DropBox using this link, YOU and I both get an extra 250 megabytes of free space.  If you want to be a scrooge and not allow either of us to get any extra space, that’s fine—just go to directly.


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