Gap Using QR Codes to Drive Promotions


While returning some items at Gap tonight, I noticed a QR coded sign promising promotions and information for those who followed the link. There was even a link.explaining where you could get a free QR code reader if you were unfamiliar with the technology, and a (yawn) sms shortcode for those still living in 2010.

If you can’t scan the code in the picture, it links to:

Update: Of course, I am not the only person to notice these codes in use:

The FourSquare event, which came on the heels of a similar GroupOn event, gave users a unique, 25% off their purchase when checking in to a GAP store via the location based services, FourSquare, Twitter or FaceBook:

MobileMarketingWatch reports: “The offer, good to those who check-in on Saturday only, was part of the company’s “BlackMagic Event,” and was also offered to users of Twitter and Facebook — although Facebook users had to print out a coupon to redeem and Twitter users had to offer up a discount code at the cashier.”

Speaking of FourSquare, it seems Gap is featuring the 4sq founders in some of their own ads as well according to HuffPo.


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