Adding Flickr Slideshows with Flickrshow API

I have been using Flickrshow to display some flickr images from a certain tag. I am now using Flickr’s Slideshow code (though not sure it’s exactly what I want, still).  The IDEAL for me is a simple javascript that loads the one, MOST-RECENT image from a tag for a user, period. No flash. No embed code. Just one picture.

Anyway, since I am pulling code out that I may want later, I will insert it here for my own benefit (or yours) at a future date:

Somewhere in your webpage, or in a wordpress widget that accepts HTML, enter a DIV with a name you give for your flickrshow. You will need this variable-name later:

<div id="yourFlickrShowName">
		<p>If nothing appears here, something has gone wrong!</p>

Now, put the following script call in your footer somewhere, just before your “” tag. Be careful actual quotes are used in your code when you cut/paste this (because WordPress sometimes changes them to look prettier).

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var yourFlickrShowName = new flickrshow('yourFlickrShowName', {


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