What's The Perfect Job Application?

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Dear Jobseeker,

How are things? I know we haven’t talked in a while. In fact, thanks to my EEOC/OFCCP-compliant Applicant Tracking System, there’s hardly a Snowball’s Chance in…. but I digress.

I’m just wondering how you, as a busy professional, would like to apply for jobs that interest you… if you were in charge of the process? What would your perfect application process be like?

Please let me know in the comments, below.


7 thoughts on “What's The Perfect Job Application?

  1. With how many people are in the market and all the variables in the application process, not to mention how fast applications are turned away if they are read at all, just sending a resume and several references would be nice! Let the recruiter/HR person do the leg work once a resume catches the eye of the hiring manager.

    – my .02

  2. Yes, only to find that the position was filled a week prior anyway by networking to bypass the complex application process. I have found in some cases a resume in the right hands can superseed the application process.

  3. Seeing how I’m knee deep in this scenario as we speak, here are some observations, and my idea situation.

    I fully understand there are a lot of people out of work. Which in turn attracts an enormous amount of resumes for a job posting. But that shouldn’t keep someone from the company from at least acknowledging you have applied. I wouldn’t even care if it were automated. The simple fact someone knows its there, analog or digital.

    When I see a job posting, I generally think the company needs to hire someone because they have a backlog of work, or want to start some new projects. It’s my queue they want to do something. But the experience has been the polar opposite. In a lot of cases, weeks go by with no action, even with continued followup. It’s very frustrating.

    How would I apply for a job if the process was up to me? I would outsource at the very beginning to find candidates. I’ve worked with sourcing agencies for 15 years and they are usually very active, and have a great network of people. Plus they can do a lot of upfront screening. but, you better be ready to pull the trigger. If the company isn’t ready, the agency shouldn’t be out recruiting for that position.

    I would also offer referral bounties to existing employees. People usually like to work with those they know, and most people know which of their friends are looking for work. What a great source of potential candidates.

    I would use social networks to get the word out. I would use social networks to see who is looking for work. Which means that person should have their information available to view, through LinkedIn, a website, something.

    I guess the bottom line is, and what has been my recent experience, companies advertise job openings, but require someone who has no time to manage the process.

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