Work/Life: Ultimate Frisbee Tournament at Novell

Of course, what you DO at work is only a part of your career/life balance. Here at Novell’s engineering campus in Provo, Utah, we are popular for our on-site activities and great facilities.  There are several companies in our little office-park too (see the other buildings in the lower-left corner of the photo), so there’s a lot of fun camaraderie between groups and teams of different organizations.

Ultimate Frisbee tournament @novellThis month, we’re having an on-site Intramural Ultimate Frisbee tournament on the front fields that also support soccer and football games. See the photo of a great catch in the making! No, those mountains are not painted there. You’re literally one mile from some sweet hikes and mountain-bike trails!

Beyond all this, we also have an on-site gym with full-time staff, lots of cardio equipment, group aerobics/pilates/yoga classes, free weights and machines, private lockers, showers and laundry service. Outdoors, we also have three nice sand volleyball courts and up to three full-court basketball games can be played simultaneously on two courts.

What can I say, Novell is a great place to work… and to play.


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