Weekly Updates for 2010-07-17

  • Boo ya. Been using this on android for weeks. RT @novell GroupWise: Mobility Public BETA Ships! http://cot.ag/bp3DjQ #
  • Absentmindedly swiped my pop-tarts (not security badge) to get into work. Still a bit shocked they didn't work. #fridaymind #
  • Wow. I just noticed that (depending on your elections) Novell USA pays between 68% and 96% of your medical premiums. #greatbenefits #
  • Funny that my email program doesn't yet recognize "inbox" as a word. #purists #justsayin #
  • HIRING: Senior Software Engineer at Novell in Vienna, VA | LinkedIn http://bit.ly/ccUAak #
  • Ever thought about what a silly phrase the term: "Off the top of your head" is? (means: do you know this without looking it up?) #
  • Walking through lobby, overheard a guy whistling "All the Single Ladies" lol. #officelife #
  • Getting resumes called "novell.doc" Thats even MORE vague than "resume.doc" | Your Resume File Name DOES Matter http://bit.ly/bJhr9o #
  • Seeking a no-longer-used Verizon phone interested in a new life as a first phone to a busy tween. #

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