Import Contact Profile Photos into Android from Gravatar

Wouldn’t it be great to automagically have user-icons for new contacts in your android device? I thought so, and gladly found an app (in Alpha for now) that scans your address book and adds Gravatars (Globally Recognizable Avatars) to your contacts for people with matching Gravatar accounts. Get it on AppBrain.

My install (Droid Eris, Android 2.1) worked well. Scanned my 500+ contacts and found seven (need cooler friends, apparently) but those are 7 people I now have images for instead of nothing.

The killer contact/avatar app, though? Michal, the developer of this app nailed it:

Combine this with Facebook Sync and you might end up with a phone book full of beautiful photos. Could life be any simpler? Indeed, it could! Someone needs to come up with an app which combines all of them and keeps automatically updating photos from all kind of sources such as Facebook, Gravatar, LinkedIn, Xing, etc

It would be even smarter if Gravatar enabled you to link a phone number to your Gravatar account (instead of just email addresses)


3 thoughts on “Import Contact Profile Photos into Android from Gravatar

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