Navigating Facebook's Privacy Settings; New Privacy Policy Longer than Constitution

No wonder you have a Supreme-Court-sized headache trying to get your Facebook privacy settings squared away. 

It’s apparently harder to stay private on Facebook than to create a country.

More than 50 settings with options totaling greater than 170 await your perky little fingers and mouse-clickers if you’re trying to get your Facebook Privacy under control.

But, it’s not meant to be hard. Elliot Schrage, VP for Public Policy at Facebook says:

There are always trade-offs between providing comprehensive and precise granular controls and offering simple tools that may be broad and blunt. We have tried to offer the most comprehensive and detailed controls and comprehensive and detailed information about them. (in an interview with Nick Bilton @ the NYTimes)

Guilbert Gates at The New York Times put together the amazing infographic below detailing Facebook’s privacy settings.  Simple, no?


Note that Facebook has added more than 4,000 words to their privacy policy in 2005, which is not 5,830 words long, beating out the Constitution of the United Statesverbosity by more than 12 hundred words.



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